This page  information related to Version 76 for the Cubic | Trafficware ATC controller that complies with the NEMA NTCIP 1202 versions 1 and 2. The foundation of this version is an NTCIP compliant database that is cross compatible between controllers in this version and older versions of NTCIP compliant software. 

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Release Notes-

76.16.68(D) / Build 349.7 / 22 December 2020

(Limited release for NYSDOT) 

Created release package that has all network services disabled.

76.16.67(C) / Build 346.5 / 07 December 2020

Fix: Controller may stop timing after terminating FYA to serve Preempt 1

Fix: Text misaligned in Spanish language screens 

Misc. code changes to support upcoming V6EBOS 1.1.0(does not affect any features or functionality) 

76.16.66(B) / Build 338.2 / 16 October 2020

(Limited release for Merida)

New: Language setting (MM+2+7) and control keystroke (F+9) to toggle front panel UI between Spanish and English 

Improved: Behavior of Ped Overlap 1 type to follow included phase ped times instead of a hardcoded min ped clearance

76.16.65(A) / Build 284.18 / 14 September 2020

(Limited release for Miami-Dade, Las Vegas, and Council Bluffs only)

Fix: Brief display of incorrect signal indications when exiting Model 33x cabinet flash 

New: Pedestrian Call override setting 

Improved: behavior of advance warning beacons during preemption, FYA, and coordination

Fix: Cabinet status alternates between “OK” and “Red Fail” once per second during pedestrian change interval (flashing don’t walk) when outputting FYA on pedestrian yellow with an EDI MMU

76.15.90(Z) / Build 283.17 / 27 April 2020

Fix: ASYNC Bindings not working correctly when programmed for GPS 

ImprovedBehavior of FYA with multiple included phases across barriers improved to meet expected behavior

Fix: TSP Alarms not being reported

76.15.89(Y) / Build 282.16 / 30 March 2020

Fix: FYA behavior with multiple preemptions and min green times for these preemptions

Fix: Time of day clock loses time on ATC v6 engine boards

Fix: Run Timer can be toggled without entering Access CodeImprovements to license modification and removal workflow on 980 ATC

Fix: Purdue logging update for Ped Extend and Red Extend and now up to 24 hours selectable

New: high-resolution data logging enumerations and alarms for Ped Extend and Red Extend

Improved: J2735 SPaT messages

76.15.88(X) / Build 280.14 / 12 February 2020

New: setting for Ethernet link speed(MM-6-5)

76.15.87(W) / Build 278.12 / 31 October 2019

New: Ability to activate low priority preemption via SNMP 

Enhancement: SNMP high priority preemption now supports all 12 preempts(previously limited to 6)

Fix: SPaT messages could fail under certain sequences

Fix: Minor corrections and enhancements to the SAE J2735 SPaT message, affecting times when the controller is dwelling in green with no conflicting demand

Fix: Some older 2070-1BCPUscould lose Ethernet functionality after installing a firmware update 

Enhancement: Support Model 170 controllers

Fix: NTCIP phaseStatusGroupWalk and phaseStatusGroupDontWalkobjects

76.15.85(U) / Build 265.9 / 18 July 2019

  • If a UDP packet of size 0 size is received, the controller discards the packet(s) and records the event in the sysmgrlog. In previous versions, receipt of erroneous UDP packets of 0 size could disable SNMP and DSRC communications. 
  • When programming a Conflicting Ped Phase with a FYA overlap, the following message is displayed “Warning: Not recommended for use with FYA without also enabling FYARedB4Ped.” For additional information, refer to the FYARedB4Ped section in the User Manual. 
  • When entering a preempt, any active overlaps extend green for 1s to prevent the output from going green>yellow>red>green. FYA is now an exception to this and the overlap terminates with the included phase. 
  • On Linux based controllers, if a database has been backed up to flash, it is preserved when installing a software update. 
  • Minor corrections and enhancements have been made to the SAE J2735 SPaT message. 
  • Correction has been made to STMP dynamic object 2.
  • Correction has been made to the ascBlockData and moduleDeviceNode MIBs. 

76.15.84(T) / Build 6970 / 28 February 2019

  • Transit Priority Module has been enhanced to provide smoother functionality and eliminate skipped phases. Refer to the Operations Manual for Transit/Light Rail Priority for additional details.

  • When running on a Safetran 2070-1E, the database can now be backed up. 

76.15.83(S) / Build 6924 / 27 December 2018

  • The SPaT (Signal Phase and Timing) message for use with DSRC can now be sent in either the SAE J2735 format or the previously used Trafficware format. 

76.15.82(R) / Build 6911 / 14 December 2018

  • A correction was made to the FYA functionality to delay the FYA operation when the conflicting pedestrian phase was active after exiting preemption. 
  • A correction was applied to the FYAGapExt function. The timer now operates like a typical extension timer, so that that the time between consecutive actuations on the FYAGapDet(s) must exceed the programmed FYAGapExt time before the FYA will begin.
  • SPaT messages may now be transmitted in either the SAE J2735 format or the previously supported Trafficware format. 
  • Corrections have been made to Initialization Modes ‘NYSDOT 0’ and ‘NYSDOT 8’ so they now include the following assignments:
    • O5-1 28 Ch4 Yellow 
    • O5-2 34 Ch10 Yellow 
    • O5-3 25 Ch1 Yellow 
    • O5-4 31 Ch7 Yellow 
    • O5-5 115 Not Used 
    • O5-6 115 Not Used 
    • O5-7 115 Not Used 
    • O5-8 114 Watchdog 
    • O6-1 115 Not Used 
    • O6-2 115 Not Used 
    • O6-3 13 Ch13 Red 
    • O6-4 37 Ch13 Yellow 
    • O6-5 61 Ch13 Green 
    • O6-6 14 Ch14 Red 
    • O6-7 38 Ch14 Yellow 
    • O6-8 62 Ch14 Green 
  • Initialization Modes ‘NYSDOT 0’ and ‘NYSDOT 8’ now include outputs for channels 15 and 16. 

76.15.81(Q) / Build 6843 / 15 October 2018

  • Modified FYARedOnRest functionality so that during coordination there is now a "FYA Walk Recycle Window" that will be used to define a specific part of the cycle when the intersection is allowed to begin Red Revert in order to terminate an active FYA to serve a pedestrian call. 
  • Enhanced Trafficware SPaT message to include Time To Change for each phase, pedestrian, and overlap

76.15.80(M) / Build 6778 / 6 September 2018

  • On startup, communication must be established with any critical BIUs before exiting flash. 
  • Enhancements have been made to increase GPS reliability. Added interface software to support ASI (Adaptive Solutions,Inc), Intelight, and McCain GPS devices as well as supporting the 2070-7T or 2070-7G GPS interface cards. 
  • A new SNMP object has been added containing detector counts. 
  • ‘Cycle Fault Action’ in MM-1-2-1 has been changed to ‘Cycle Failure Action’ to more accurately describe the function.  

76.15.72(H) / Build6644 / 28 June 2018

  • Various FYA updates including: New FYARedOnRest feature. 
  • Added new feature so that FYA operation can be controlled by a FYA gap detector. 
  • Resolving FYA locking issue. 
  • Resolving FYA output issue when using a yellow flash startup. 
  • Resolved FYA issue such that it will terminate to red when a conflicting Ped call is present. 
  • Modifying the FYA overlap to always follow included phase clearance time following protected arrow. 
  • Modifying the FYA overlap such that Overlap Lock Inhibit should always be off for the first clearance interval. 
  • Changed FYA conflicting behavior to terminate the phase before returning to service after a conflicting pedestrian Allow the overlap to have the minimum yellow time be programmed to less than 3 seconds. 
  • Modified IO Mode initialization issues when mapping the 2A hardware for Mode 0 and Mode 1 selections. Modifications to Linux OS controller licensing when removing/modifying the existing license. 
  • Modifications to background NTCIP diagnostics and communications. 
  • Resolved initialization diagnostics and database verification inconsistencies. 
  • Resolved various screen typographic issues. 
  • Transit Priority Module modifications for extending the transit phase. 
  • DSRC module enhancements.