This document describes how the GRIDSMART System records various system-level events.

For systems licensed for the Performance or the Performance Plus Module, event files can be downloaded from the Processor via the System API as part of the Counts by date API, or by connecting a USB drive to the Processor.

System events are archived onboard the Processor as c:\aldis\events\<YYYY-MM-DD>.zip, one for each day, containing a single CSV file for that day.

Each line in the uncompressed CSV event log represents one event and is of the form timestamp,code,payload:


where C is an integer code from following table and payload is a string that contains no commas. The timestamps are in system local time.

server on200
server off201reason
update started205
engine on210
engine off211
phases changed215phases*
camera online220camera MAC
camera offline221camera MAC
camera learn start223camera MAC
camera learn done224camera MAC
camera day mode225camera MAC
camera night mode226camera MAC
camera loss vis230camera MAC
camera regain vis231camera MAC
cameras reboot232camera MAC
user auth failed239
reboot called241
WAN changed242

These codes are separated into the following regions:

Server\Engine200 - 214
Controller\Cabinet215 - 219
Camera220 - 234
API235 - 249
Free250 - 255

* The phases (215) payload is a 16-character string of R, Y or G (red, yellow, green) for TS2 and ITS, or of 0s and 1s for TS1, where 0 indicates not green and 1 indicates green.