This bulletin provides information related to an optional modification to enhance 3G coverage by the GS2 Processor. This bulletin is issued to provide the user with optional ability to enhance service coverage. Internal wiring in the listed sequential serial numbered units is not optimized for 3G transmittal during the nightly back up. This issue DOES NOT AFFECT ACTUATION OR COUNTING PERFORMANCE IN ANY MANNER. The issue hinders effective transmission of collected data and intersection configurations back to the GRIDSMART Cloud. Both the counts and configurations remain accurate on the GS2 Processor. Without this update, your GS2 Processor may not effectively transmit this data to the GRIDSMART Cloud.

The update is a simple female to male converter (depicted in image 1 below) that will be screwed into the top connecter (depicted in image 2) to allow the 3G antenna to connect in that location. YOUR GRIDSMART MANUAL INSTRUCTS YOU TO ATTACH THE ANTENNA TO THE BOTTOM CONNECTOR. FOR ALL GS2 PROCESSOR UNITS OUTSIDE OF THESE DESCRIBED SERIAL NUMBERS, THAT WILL CONTINUE TO BE THE CASE. THE AFFECTED UNITS SHOULD ONLY HAVE THE ANTENNA MOVED TO THE TOP CONNECTOR IF THE ADAPTER IS APPLIED.

Functions of the GS2 Processor Modem

The GS2 Processor 3G modem sends nightly updates of configurations and count files to the GRIDSMART Cloud. The configuration files are back-up files to help you sync computers in your organization or recover lost files through the GRIDSMART Cloud. The count files are available to you on the GRIDSMART Cloud if you have elected to purchase the Performance Plus Option.

How to Effect This Update

This is an optional update to enhance communications. If you would like to exercise this update, contact your local distributor or GRIDSMART at or submit a ticket directly through our Support Portal or  call 1-866-652-5347. Inform us of your serial number, a four-digit number located on the back right corner of your GS2 Processor. Please indicate if you would like to apply this update yourself or if you would like for your distributor or GRIDSMART to attach the female to male converter. Based on your election, your distributor or GRIDSMART will provide you the adapter free of charge for installation or arrange a time to complete the field update free of charge.