This functionality is no longer supported by sites with software version 19.3 or higher due to security changes.

This capability is provided through the Publish To Drive feature. This allows you to make changes to a site, using the GRIDSMART Client in your office or vehicle for example, that can be put into field operation by simply connecting a USB storage device to the corresponding GRIDSMART Processor.

  1. Make the desired changes to the site using the GRIDSMART Client.

  2. Ensure that either an empty USB storage device or an already used Data Stick or Drive is connected to your Client computer.

  3. Select Publish from the Site Menu, select the appropriate drive, and complete the publish procedure. If you began with an empty USB storage device, this process, once complete, will transform that device into a GRIDSMART Data Stick or Drive.

  4. Take the USB device to the field and connect it to the corresponding GRIDSMART Processor. Observe the Processor front panel. Your changes will automatically be published onto the Processor. Additionally, data from the GRIDSMART Processor will be copied onto your Data Stick or Drive including log files, count data (if data-enabled), and image data.

  5. Take the USB device from the field and connect it to your Client computer again. Until you do this, the changes you made will show as unpublished in your Client. This process will also copy count data from the Data Stick or Drive onto your Client computer for use within the Reports Screen.