UPS Module:

  • Renamed Alpha UPS module to become UPS Module
  • Modified the UPS module to support any UPS device that utilizes UPS.mib (RFC 1628), for example Multilink EP2200
  • Included the support for Multilink EP1100 UPS device
  • Added UPS related alarms to Active Alarms Selection menu so colors of the new UPS icon on Bing Map or bulb indication in the Device list can change depending on active alarms
  • Deprecated Alpha category in the Reports tab. The UPS report became part of the Device category
  • Added a new UPS Device tab in the details pane with two sub-tabs: Status and Alarms to display the operational parameters of the UPS device and activated UPS related alarms, respectively
  • Included the UPS related alarms in the Alarms Dashboard – Other Alarms category
  • Created a new tooltip for generic UPS devices which use UPS.mib

Rail Adaptive Module:

  • Receive and process the data feed for the location of trains. Currently, SunRail AVL data feed is supported
  • Added the option for users to define geofences for train to check-in or check-out
  • Added new Inbound Train alarms for each direction and Train Threshold Exceeded alarm
  • Enabled automatic sending of the External Input message to the SynchroGreen which is in such way informed about the train inbound and can execute defined modification in signal operations prior to the arrival of the train. For instance, provide more green time for phases not served during the preemption event

Other key features:

  • Added the option to assign a device to a controller
  • Incorporated context menu (right-click) in the list view to display all devices assigned to a selected controller and actions available for a selected device
  • Modified the behavior so after user changes the Category Display option in the Edit Database screen of ATMS, next time user opens a controller database, it will use the last selected option – Full Name, Name or Controller Menu numbers
  • Set up “Show Only Differences” to be selected by default when user performs the database comparison
  • Added the Open Destination button in the Local Download menu so after downloading to a selected folder, user can access that folder directly from the ATMS client and find the saved file
  • Included the access to the Device Manager of GRIDSMART video processor
  • Added support for HTTPS when communicating with GRIDSMART video processor
  • Synchronized the Scout database with controller by adding: FYAMinTime and a group of FYARedB4Ped related parameters
  • Enabled adding multiple documents to a controller at once
  • Supported searching the Bing Map for devices by Unit ID inserted by users

Defects addressed:

  • Enabled generating Volume for Multiple Day Graph for all approaches
  • Displaying large values in the Volume per Lane Graph report
  • Enabled deleting the Subscriber from the Subscriber list in CV module
  • Corrected the labels for Delay and Q-alarm in Scout database to display them separately
  • Implemented reassigning of colors for the alternate rows in lists available in ATMS upon sorting the list