Key Features:

  • A Scout controller type has been introduced
  • A Channel as a parameter option in the dropdown is added for Arrow, Ped Crossing (Ped Man or Hand-Do not Walk) and the detector scan elements.
  • A new feature has been added for ATMS Parking module where user can set up a parking facility to automatically receive updates from pods or to manually declare the parking facility to be open or closed.

Other Defects and Features Addressed:

  • The speed on the outward facing approach for the first and the last intersection of a corridor does not need to be defined in order to generate Time-Space diagram.
  • The errors with generating link and arterial bands in Time-Space diagram when cycle lengths and offsets are changing have been resolved.
  • Volume related reports have been updated to not show values when no data has been received and to show โ€œ0โ€ values only when a received value is zero.
  • New parameters related to Flashing Yellow Operations have been introduced in the database editor for v76 controller types.
  • The databases of v76 2070 type controller can be exported via Enhanced ATMS-Synchro Integration
  • The Database Configuration dropdown has been expanded to show archived database names in its entirety.
  • The appearance of duplicate entries from Detector failure, volume/occupancy, and database comparison reports have been resolved.
  • Field Alarms report generates the document when a large majority of alarms are selected manually from the list
  • The correct time intervals for export of volumes to Synchro via UTDF are being used (previously offset by one) and โ€œ60 Minute Countsโ€ is added to reflect that ATMS will always export data for 1 hour. If a user selects a shorter or longer period of time than 1 hour, the data will be averaged or extrapolated as needed.
  • After editing the subscriber in CV module, a user will be sent back to the list of subscribers and not the main menu.
  • The issue with loading of Archived databases for controllers has been resolved.
  • The controller Names are ordered alphabetically in the Volume/Occupancy report.
  • Notes entered by users will not be repeated multiple times, and in case they are deleted, the system notes will automatically disappear from all clients.