Integrated new controller type v85.3. Major features supported:

  • Input/ Output pin mapping redesign 
  • Overlap Fast Flash of changeable frequency rate
  • New TSP event – TSP set up errors – timing, phasing, strategy


Supported conversion for v85.3. Other Conversion Tool enhancements:

  • Default drop-down selection empty, prompt user to make proper selection
  • Disable conversion into same destination ID and controller type multiple times
  • Archive conversion failure handling (when regular databases converted successfully)


Time Space Diagram (TSD) enhancements to support:

  • Path-based TSD
  • One-way TSD
  • Controllers operating multiple intersections
  • Intersection Layout redesign to support TSD set up and generation, including:
    1. Links between target and adjacent intersections
    2. Distance and Speed for links in a.
  • Auto-assignment of adjacent intersections
  • Manual offset change (aside from slider)
  • Save offsets when different controller types are selected


Other features:

  • ATMS controller type vs controller version/revision validation (disable all actions in list view, map view and scan screens, if mismatching)
  • ATMS controller type vs controller database file size validation (disable upload/download and display database version mismatch error if mismatching)
  • Support new TSP event in recent alarms and alarm history and TSP report (when TSP on the controller is not set up properly, but priority request is downloaded)
  • Added Read-Only option to list enabled licenses on the controller (under Unit Params tab)
  • Extended support for event codes defined in HiRes Data Logger Enumeration 2020 specification
  • Removed Edit Link Speed option – all relevant info migrated to Intersection Layout editor
  • Controller List View displays Scout controller version revision as number 
  • Added alarm status in the UPS report
  • Added Alarms Override tab for all Scout controllers
  • Added columns to the Device List View – IP, port, unit ID, Location and Go To Map
  • Added flex group filtering option for Extension Reports
  • Added filters and options in the Transactions Report (System, Flex Group and Type of Action)
  • Added Pattern Name option to Field Chooser and enabled copying it
  • Enabled IP filed for all device types to accept HTTP, HTTPS, and port numbers, if applicable
  • Enabled sending Alarm notifications via User Groups not only individual users
  • Enabled users to change their password without "edit user" permissions set to YES
  • Expended support in Controller Logins report to include user ID, name and status associated with alarm 74
  • Supported Archived alarm logs in Reports

Bug fixes: 

  • Resolved pattern number and color displayed in Scan Element
  • Resolved issues related to unreadable or numbers beyond visible limits of scan elements
  • Updated Instant Download: Preemption screen with correct number of HPP/LPP per controller type
  • Enabled persist max column width (header of field entry) in Database Editor
  • Recovered missing Ped man and Ped hand East scan elements
  • Recovered Ped Call download for Scout controllers v85.2 and v85.3
  • Recovered Split Timeline History Report with Scout Ethernet 85.2 Definition
  • Resolved issues in Timing Sheet - Operator Layout related to Channel/SDLC, MMU Permissive tables
  • Resolved alarm reporting issues related to Communication Restored without a Communication Failure matching event 
  • Resolved column disappearing upon database and/or configuration editing (lat, long, main cross, others) 
  • Resolved issues with tables not displaying differences until deselecting and returning in Database Compare: Show Only Differences
  • Resolved login issues when switching between multiple ATMS servers 
  • Enabled List Devices screen to update status of devices based on refresh frequency
  • Resolved Upload Sync option not respecting jurisdiction
  • Resolved issues with “Others” Scan Elements not changing color upon Pattern Download
  • Resolved Turning Movement Volume report issue not matching raw detector volume counts 
  • Resolved Congestion Lines calculation and tooltip updating issues
  • Resolved alarm reports issues not showing Alternate Alarm Descriptions and missing data column information upon export
  • Removed extra string displayed under Value column in Alarms Notifications
  • Recovered Timing Sheet – Auto Report for Database Change notification (and extended to Scout controllers)
  • Resolved Permissions issue with duplicate names List Incident Trigger (renamed to Incident Trigger View) and toggle issue