Synchro Studio v10 User Guide


Synchro Studio is a complete software package for modeling, optimizing, managing and simulating traffic systems. Synchro Studio is a software suite that includes: 

 Synchro, a macroscopic analysis and optimization program; 

 SimTraffic, a powerful, easy-to-use traffic micro-simulation software application; 

 3D Viewer, a three-dimensional view of SimTraffic simulations; 

 SimTraffic CI, an application that interacts with a controller interface (CI) device connected to a controller in order to simulate the operation of the controller with simulated traffic.

The purpose of the User Guide is to provide basic instruction for using each of the above listed applications. Chapter 1 highlights some of the key traffic engineering related tasks for which these software applications are intended. A list of additional Synchro Studio documentation is included at the end of this chapter.