*** SUPPORT and within version MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT (SMA) includes installation and basic user support; license activation support, ATMS.now Integration module; Microsoft® Bing™ licensing and within version releases.

In order for SUPPORT and VERSION MAINTENANCE to be available, Licensee must be compliant with the terms and conditions of the SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT. If Licensee violates any term of said agreement, Licensor will terminate support and maintenance with all fees nonrefundable. Per SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT, the Software is for single workstation, single‐user use only, and is not at a concurrent, shared, multi‐user, or networked user license.

Support coverage terms run consecutive from date of last expiration (regardless of the date support renewal is purchased). Support reinstatement fee will apply for coverage lapses over one year.

1. INSTALLATION. Assist Licensee with installation/re‐installation of software. Assist in the

activation/deactivation of the license. Including:

a. Transfer of a license from machine to another

b. Transfer of a license from one user to another

c. Courtesy deactivation due to hard drive failure, computer crash, stolen computer, etc...

d. Courtesy deactivation due to employee departure

e. Courtesy deactivation due to host/username changes or computer maintenance

2. BASIC USER SUPPORT. Assist Licensee with software troubleshooting and Synchro modeling. For end‐user support, make use of the Online Support portal, www.support.trafficware.com, accessible within the software (see the Help Menu) or submit an IT/Technical support request by emailing synchrostudiosupport@trafficware.com.

3. Access to the ATMS.now Integration module.

4. Access to Microsoft® BingTM maps.

5. WITHIN VERSION RELEASES. Free downloads for within version releases. The end‐user will receive in-software notifications upon the release of within version updates.

Contact trafficwaresales@cubic.com to discuss pricing for special requests, advanced support, product enhancements or customization, and contractual training.