You can manually import data if you've saved it from a Data Stick or Data Drive to your client computer, or if you're downloading it via the API to a central location

  1. Set aside a folder to hold the data you want to import for a given site.

  2. If your saving data from a Data Stick or Data Drive, you can copy the Counts, Events, and Realtime folders from that source to your site folder. Otherwise, add a Counts, Events, and Realtime folder to your site folder and drop the relevant date zip files into their appropriate folders.

  3. Launch the GRIDSMART Client and click the Site Card to enter the Site View Screen for the site whose data is being imported.

  4. Click Reports (chart icon) on the Site Menu to enter the Reports Screen.

  5. Click Configure (pencil icon) on the Site Menu to enter the Site Configuration Screen. There you will be able to see the new configuration without seeing the existing configuration overlaid.

  6. Click the import button and select the folder that contains the Count, Events, Realtime folders and then press ok.

  7. Importing can take some time. To monitor it's progress, you can click the GRIDSMART Icon in the Windows task Tray on the bottom right to view the sync status. As more calendar days become available they will show up bold yellow on the calendar.