Follow this simple Recommission procedure if you need to replace a non-functional GRIDSMART Processor. You will need the most recent configuration – i.e., the Site Card – for the failed Processor in your GRIDSMART Client. You will also need a replacement Factory Default Processor.

  1. Power on the replacement Factory Default Processor.

  2. Connect your computer to the replacement Processor local port via ethernet.

  3. Launch the GRIDSMART Client on your computer and wait until you have the Factory Default site as the Local Site on your Sites Homepage.

  4. Click the Factory Default Site Card to enter the Site View Screen and click the Recommission button (recycle icon) that will appear in place of Configure at the top of the Site Menu.

  5. Find the site corresponding to the Processor you are replacing. Alternatively, you may import an GRIDSMART *.ags file.

  6. Enter the default Admin password and click the Recommission button.

  7. Take the newly configured replacement Processor to the site and connect it to the existing cameras and hardware. Your site should be operating normally after the regular startup time.