1. Begin with a freshly NTFS-formatted USB storage device you have obtained from GRIDSMART or with a Data Stick or Drive that you have already used with GRIDSMART.

  2. Ensure that there is enough free space on the device for your needs. A single fisheye camera can require up to 100GB per day.

  3. Connect the USB storage device to a USB port on the GRIDSMART Processor and observe the front panel. Data will be copied onto the device and images will start being recorded. For large capacity devices (>128GB), images will be stored at a rate of 5-10 images per second until the drive is full. For small capacity devices, images will be stored at approximately 1 image per second for only three minutes.

  4. Disconnect the USB device from the Processor once you have collected the data you need. This USB device is now a GRIDSMART Data Stick or Drive.

Review with Replay

  1. Connect the Data Stick or Drive to your GRIDSMART Client computer and then launch the Client.

  2. Select the Site Card that corresponds to the data you want to review so that you are taken to the Site View Screen.

  3. Select Replay from the Site Menu. You will be presented with the Replay data selector which will allow you to select one hour of data for review at a time from all data available on the connected Data Stick or Drive.

  4. Use the playback controls to review the hour of data. Press the red stop button when done.