IMPORTANT NOTE: Beginning with Client 6.0.1 we may sometimes offer Client updates independently from complete Firmware updates. This will allow us to deliver Client-only fixes and improvements more rapidly. With such Client-only releases, there is no requirement or urgent need to update the Client on your Processors.

Please note that the Update Stick available through the Support downloads will always contain the previous major revision of the Client, 6.0 in this case for example. You can, however, download and install Client 6.0.1 independently onto a Processor if so desired.

  • FIX: Resolve problem in the Reports interface where it could take a very long time (several minutes or more) to show available dates for downloading data.
  • FIX: Dramatically improved performance of count-based reports that were previously taking inordinately long to generate when you have more than several months of available data. When first accessing the Reports interface for one of these Sites, a one-time, one to two minute delay may occur while the database is manipulated to improve performance.
  • FIX: Fixed issue where Client would fail to connect to any Processor set to use custom port 8901.
  • FIX: Resolved bug that would disable Reports access if you have a Processor that was licensed for Counts prior to v4.0 (October 2012).
  • NEW: Clicking on the GRIDSMART title on the Sites Homepage will show an About dialog indicating the full version info of the Client.