Description:  Rarely the GS2 Processor may hang during a firmware update. You will notice that the Processor will not proceed through the update process correctly and will be stuck in the "high speed fan" mode even after power cycling the unit. 

Solution:  Use the following steps to resolve this issue - 

1. Unplug the update stick if it is still connected to the GS2.

2. Power down the GS2 and wait for it co completely power down. (about 1 minute and 30 seconds)

3. Plug the GS2 back in. Wait for approximately 1 minute. You will hear the high speed fan and will have no LEDs on the front panel.

4. Plug the update stick into one of the USB ports.  Wait until the fan returns to normal speed and the front panel LEDs turn all green.

5. Unplug the update stick.

The system should reboot and resume normal operation.