If you were experiencing issues with your site and requested that GRIDSMART review your site configuration, you will likely receive an email from GRIDSMART with your modified site configuration attached as an GRIDSMART *.ags file. Follow this procedure to review that configuration and put it into operation on your site.

  1. Launch the GRIDSMART Client and click Import on the top-right of the Sites Homepage.

  2. Navigate the Windows filesystem to find the *.ags you received from GRIDSMART. Select it and click the Open button.

  3. The Site Card of interest on your Sites Homepage should now have a hashmark fill pattern, indicating unpublished changes. Click that Site Card to enter the Site View Screen.

  4. You can now review the changes. If they are significant, these changes may be hard to visualize as the unpublished changes may significantly overlap the current published configuration.

  5. Click Configure (pencil icon) on the Site Menu to enter the Site Configuration Screen. There you will be able to see the new configuration without seeing the existing configuration overlaid.

  6. If you are connected to the site, you can now Publish the changes.