When upgrading from 19.12 to 20.10, a bug exists where zones with assigned phases were not assigned the Stop-line zone type.


20.10 introduced the ability to assign a new Zone Type setting to vehicle detection zones. This setting supports configuring zones as Stop-line, Advanced or Other. Prior to 20.10, the best practice for non–stop-line zones was to leave phases unassigned. The introduction of the new Zone Type setting removed this limitation and allows users to configure zones as Advanced zones and assigned protected phases. 

Additional Info

It is also important to note that any advanced or set-back zones that do not adhere to the best practice of leaving phases unassigned will be converted to Stop-line zones in 20.10. This will cause detection issues for advanced zones until they are correctly assigned the "Advanced" zone type.

Fix: Install the 20.10.1 Update from GRIDSMART Cloud