Description: GRIDSMART GS2s that are updated to 22.1, after previously being updated to 21.12 from 21.3, will encounter a bug that prevents any camera connected to a GRIDSMART GS2 processor from reappearing after the update.

After the update, the Processor will fail to initialize the cameras and they will remain offline. This can be seen as a black image that has a yellow question mark (?) in the center that will be present in both the Web App and the Desktop App.

The effect of this bug is that the GRIDSMART System fails to see any configured cameras, causing them to remain offline, and GRIDSMART will stay in recall as determined by the Max Recall setting that's configured for each detection zone.

This issue does not affect GRIDSMART Processors (GS2 or GS3) that are Factory Default and are being configured from scratch for the first time.

Workaround: Upgrade to V22.1.1

A previous workaround was to perform a Configuration Reset and reconfigure the site manually. This workaround is no longer needed with the release of v22.1.1

Version affected:  22.1

Fix Implemented: 22.1.1