Per Ethernet standards, the maximum length of a Cat5e and Cat6 cable run is 100 meters (or 328 feet).  It is possible to go further by using a POE repeater.  Remember, a GRIDSMART Camera gets its power using POE.  Power is supplied to the Camera by the Camera port on the GRIDSMART Processor.

  • A Cat5e or Cat6 cable run can be extended twice (using two repeaters) for a maximum of 300m or 984'.

  • The Gridsmart repeater is powered by POE and doesn't have an external power connection such as an AC plug. This allows for the CPU to reinitialize a camera should video fail or the cpu stops being able to detect the camera. If the repeater has its own power, camera power cannot be cycled to reinitialize the camera.

  • In some cases, we've found a repeater is necessary even though the cable length has been reported as being less than 100 meters - possibly due to site conditions or connection points leading to signal deterioration or perhaps EMI, electromagnetic interference.  See also the technical bulletin describing use of shielded cable with a shield-drain wire.  See link below: