The GRIDSMART Bell Cameras incorporate two heaters to eliminate frost forming on the Camera lens.  There is a thermostat inside the Bell Camera that will activate the heaters when the temperature reaches 0°C. The Blue (+48VDC) and Brown (-48VDC) wire pairs in the Cat5e cable are used to power the camera and heaters. If the heaters are on, the camera will pull about 1 amp of current. 1 amp at 48-49+ volts is approximately 50 watts.

The GS2 Processor pulls 35W and the nominal power draw for a single Bell Camera, with the heaters off, is 3 – 5 W. So, a single Bell Camera and Processor will pull approximately 40W with no active heaters and 90W with active heaters. The Traditional and Advanced Cameras have a similar heater configuration as the Bell Camera.