GRIDSMART uses over port 123 as its NTP server by default. This can be changed by setting a Primary NTP server and optionally an alternate fallback NTP server. These settings must be applied using the Apply button as they're not published as part of the site configuration. Please make sure that the antenna is properly installed or that your network is configured properly. 

Regardless of the NTP settings, the appropriate date, time, and time zone must be set.  These settings are part of the site configuration and must be published to the processor.

With firmware versions 6.6 and up

Make sure you have a connection to the Processor either using cat5e from your laptop to the laptop port or over your network.

Load the GRIDSMART Client and click the site you want to configure.

Click "Configure"  in the pop out menu on the left of the screen

Click "Site Settings" in the "Configure Menu"

Click "Network" 

You should now be able to set your NTP servers and apply the settings.


For systems running software prior to 6.6, update to the latest version for NTP support.