GS-3-CAM, which is included in all GS-3-SMK-* variations.

Serial Numbers

GS-C5-25797 and later*

Control Number



November 2022

Technical Service Bulletin

Subject:  New camera sensor not compatible with software version 22.1 and earlier


This Bulletin provides information and correction of an issue found with compatibility of a new camera sensor and older software versions. Beginning in August 2022 the GS-3-CAM Fisheye Bell Camera includes a new sensor that is not compatible with software versions 22.1 and earlier.

If you connect a camera with the new sensor to a Processor running older firmware the image produced will look similar to the following images –



Description automatically generated 



WARNING:  Publishing changes in older versions of the software will require the unit be factory reset and the system will have to reconfigured. 


The resolution for any GS2 system is to update to install the latest software version available from  prior to replacing or publishing the new camera.

Any Legacy Processor will not be able to connect to a camera that includes the new sensor.  Customers can contact their local sales representative to trade in their Legacy Processor.  

*It is possible any camera that requires extensive repair will include the new sensor. Any Camera that has been updated to the new sensor will include a card indicating it has been updated as well as a notice in the final reply stating the repair is complete.